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My diary with thoughts & ideas (I hate writing, but…)

My diary with thoughts & ideas (I hate writing, but…)

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Firefox 2

Samsung Omnia… it’s really cool gadget… :)

June 21st, 2009

Wow. Really. Wow. This is truly my first smart phone, but I know this isn’t because of that little detail. This phone has blown me away. This is running Windows Mobile 6.1. I am using this for last 2 months and look at these incredible features….

The phone comes with 8GB internal storage. This can be further increased by microSD cards. I will snatch a 8GB card soon for 16GB total soon. Wi-Fi ready. Oh, and a removable battery! No sending this little guy into the shop.

A 5 MP camera with face detection, 15 different shooting modes, image stabilization, smile detection, image resolutions up to 2560×1920, 4x digital zoom, panoramic photography up to 8 frames, flash, video resolutions up to 640×480, and a lot of other little options.

The phone is DivX certified. As for video, there is a Video Editor. This allows for trimming video, audio dubbing, and subtitles. With multi-codec support, it can also play just about any format available with a slew of media players including FM radio, multiple media programs such as Windows Media Player, Touch Player, MPlayer, Real Player, etc. It also has a TV-Out option to play videos and images recorded on an LCD television set and can double as a digital frame.

The Omnia also sports an integrated optical mouse that is really handy while browsing non-mobile websites. There are multiple options for on-screen QWERTY keyboards and awesome hand writing recognition software to be used with any application. Voice commands, with password protection, are also pretty well done.

The phone has a flash light, full PDF support, Office Mobile with Word and Excel, Skype, Opera Browser Mobile with tabbed browsing and directory favorites, chat program for almost all protocols (AIM, Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, etc) all in one program/buddy list. You can also password protect this phone; one would need to type it in after the phone goes idle or turns on from a cold/warm boot.

Other browsers include Iris, SkyFire, Internet Explorer (ugh), Bolt, and soon to be Firefox Mobile and Google Chrome. I say Chrome because just about every Google service has a mobile side to it, why not their new browser in due time?

The phone has software for Podcasts, RSS feeds, and tons of games. Soon to be more, lots more.

It has a motion sensor that automatically rotates the screen in several different ways either to landscape or portrait, depending on how you’re holding it. Also, there is an optional feature that allows all sounds to mute when place screen face down -  I just love this particular feature.. ;)

The Youtube Player freeware (not from YouTube themselves) allows you to search YouTube for videos, save the video on your phone, and will also extract the audio stream from the video into MP3 to save on your phone as well.

Did I mention the native encryption for storage cards and built-in GPS receiver? It also has features to do factory restoration on the phone and to format external flash cards from the phone itself.

I also forgot to mention that you can throw your own ringers on here. Just fire up your favorite program, either MP3myMP3 or Audacity, record or cut a little bit of a song, upload it to your phone with the very easy USB connection into the Ringers folder. That’s it. No further input is necessary, until you want to assign those ringers as your default or to any of your contacts.

Samsung TouchWiz is also rather pretty to look at while adding or removing widgets from the desktop area. Nothing incredibly unique or special, but everything can be replaced with another like SPB Mobile Shell.

Oh, drat. I almost forgot to mention the Remote Desktop support for Windows based computers. It does a wonderful job remoting into the chosen desktop on the network and shows a full screen (on the phone) version of the Windows desktop PC. This feature really impressed me.

If a program is hanging, that’s no problem. We are all familiar with the Windows Task Manager. If you’re not, you probably just pull the plug on the computer when Microsoft Word freezes for more than two minutes. If you don’t use Windows, but are familiar with the Task Manager, it’s probably why you’re off using OS X or any of the hundreds of Linux distros.

While I bought this, yje sound was little bit low.. but I have finally manage to make it louder with full 3D and 5.1 surround sound… ;)

I don’t know what else to add. It’s a very solid phone. I can’t imagine what I’m missing, but I’m sure there is plenty. Well, there is the bit about the stylus not actually having an embedded place to call home in the phone, but with a responsive touch screen and optical mouse, the stylus isn’t that necessary. Undoubtedly a last minute after thought.

It’s a great phone, though. Aside from this phone, the Xperia is the only other one I think I would get this year… so far.  So, guys, if possible for and check it… and if neede any help.. just mail me at omnia@sumeet-heavens.com - I will be there for you… without any single bucks ;) Free service.. huuhh ;)

Mean tv shows : Dadagiri, Roadies!

March 29th, 2009

I am not a television freak, but I came across some ‘reality’ shows of MTV and BINDAAS while surfing the tv channels or heard by some other persons.

In an episode Dadagiri Bindaas tv show anchor asked contestant to put his nose at her boot, sometimes the winner of competition asked to slap loser or throw egg to him or her. Anchor Esha (self claimed goddess) uses such slang languages that you can’t sit to see with children or parents. She even slapped a contestant too.

One episode of MTV roadies: Here, the girls get
tested on their Hindi vocabulary - one mistake and the guys get it between their legs. The fun continues at the vote out where Roadies’ very own journalist, Varisha, has to leave the show!

The show may seem to be funny but it’s not…It can harm public organ permanently. May be in show…the experts are doing this but it could be fatal for school or college boys.
Young boys who watch the program get motivated by this and they may practice it as ragging. So take it seriously and stop this bizarre show now. Owner and maker of the disgusting show(mtv roadies) should ask public apology.
Besides that some months ago I watched in MTV that after losing competition winner boy beat the loser boy by cane at hip (in front of a girl and host). I can’t remember properly but I think it was ‘roadies show’ too.

When many students are afraid to go college in first year because of ragging …some senior students are banned at college, we can’t cherish this type of weird show in name of reality show.

If the show of “SHAKTIMAN” / using animals in cinema / ‘smoking by superstars’ were banned by the ministry then why this type of show should get continue? These must be banned as soon as possible.

Sumeet :)

Waiting for 3G ?? Forget it , its time for 4G

March 17th, 2009

We all are waiting for 3G in India, but guess what ? by 2010 2 cities in US will have worlds first 4G network having download rates of 50 to 60 Mbps peak speeds .

Verizon Wireless has announced plans to roll-out a nationwide long term evolution (LTE) based 4G network, initially in two US cities and subsequently in 25 to 30 markets by 2010.

The company has selected Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent as primary network vendors for the initial LTE network deployment. It has also selected Starent Networks as a packet core vendor. Additionally, Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent will be key suppliers for the IP Multi-Media Subsystem (IMS) network.

The company plans to offer IMS-based IP converged applications and services on its wireless and landline broadband networks. The company and Vodafone have been field testing 4G LTE networks in Minneapolis, Columbus, Ohio, and northern New Jersey in the US, and Budapest, Dusseldorf, and Madrid in Europe. It said field trials had demonstrated download rates of 50 to 60 Mbps peak speeds.

Dick Lynch, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Verizon, said: “LTE enables us to continue to meet business customer demands for a higher bandwidth, low latency service that works broadly in the US and globally, while meeting consumer demand for mobilizing the many applications they frequently use when tethered to high bandwidth wired networks.”

Sumeet! :)

Google Voice: Coming soon

March 17th, 2009

Google Voice is a service that gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail that is easy as email, and many enhanced calling features like call blocking and screening, voicemail transcripts, call conferencing, international calls, and more.

Visit : https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite/ to have a BETA invitation .

Sumeet! :)

Happy Holi to all of you :)

February 20th, 2009

Holi is coming within 2 week and it seems joy is spread out in the air already :) Holi and the following day, Dhuleti, are known as the Indian Festival of Color. Playing Holi or sharing colors is a highlight of this holiday. Gifts of sweets or Holi colors are common and greeting cards are often sent.

The holiday is observed all over India and celebrates the harvest of the winter crops as it welcomes the beginning of Spring. Holi is called Dol Jatra or Dol Purnima in Bengal, Rangapanchami in Maharashtra, Kamavilas, Kaman Pandugai or Kaman-dahanam in South India.

In Northern India, the Raas-Lila dances celebrate love in the Spring and honor Radha and Krishna. In Southern India, Kamdev, the Love God, and his wife Rati are the focus of the stories and songs.

No matter which part of India the festivals are in or which gods are involved, they are feasts of color and usually involve sprinkling colored waters and gulal, brightly colored powders, on the gods and on the other revellers. Balloons filled with colored waters are splashed on friends and anyone else who happens to be near.

Holi - festival of colors. Pichkari, plastic, metal or even bamboo tubes filled with colors are used to share the colors of the holiday. Beautifully colored clothes are worn in the dances and other festivities, but not when playing Holi and sharing colors…then the people are all beautifully colored!

Many areas celebrate with huge bonfires that have different meanings depending on the local legends that are the basis for the holiday. Along with traditional Holi recipes, sweets are a special part of Holi.

If you can imagine a holiday that combines Thanksgiving, Carnival and Valentine’s Day with the colors of Easter — but where people get colored instead of eggs — you have some idea of why this holiday is so eagerly awaited.

In some parts of India, Holi is also considered a New Year’s celebration! This festival finally arrives on the full moon of the Hindu lunar month of Phagan. When is Holi on this year? Yes it is on: March 11, 2009.

Happy Holi once again :)

After a long day again :)

February 2nd, 2009

Hi Everybody… :)

After a long day got time to write something.. :D

So, hows the new year for all of you?? Hows it going?? For me.. it is being nice till now… why not?? I bought my new car.. yes finally.. :) and spent a nice solid time with my lovable persons around me, added had a nice marriage ceremony of my cousin sis.. :). Also, as usual I had a nice Saraswati Puja at home… :) U know what?? These all happened in a one month.. my B’day month.. [09th Jan].. :) - Spent on of the best B’DAY till date with some one special… :) So, things are pretty in shape for me.. though still busy like hell with my job and other responsibilities… can’t help.. and I am now used to it.. :)
So, in next, I would like to keep myself busy with the bookfair 2009, in Calcutta itself… from today onwards.. :)

So, above all, I am a busy but happy with everything.. let c, what comes next ;)

Sumeet! :)

Mumbai massacre!!!

November 28th, 2008

No body ever wants that the end of this ‘bad’ [Don't know for others but very very BAD for me] year 2008 ends with such an unprecedented series of co-ordinated terror attacks on the Indian financial capital city of Mumbai. Teams of heavily armed gunmen stormed luxury hotels, including the iconic Taj Mahal hotel, popular tourist destinations and a crowded train station. Yes, yet again the city is under terrorist attack which started at 10:00 pm day before last night and there seems to be no recluse till this present moment…

With all the news on terror we have accustomed to reading in the headlines and watching on television, about bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, and innocent killings happening all around us, one tends to remember only the headlines and forgets’ that life has love, beauty and creativity to offer. But how are these life’s essentials to coexist in a world where power dominates and money motivates. It’s been written that history will repeat itself, but we also have come to understand that we have the power to learn from history and help change the future - our future.

And I will solly responsible the Government of India for all these are happening. Beyond political view or  there must be so many thing need to be corrected. The terrorism must be demoralized under any circumstances. What USA can done, why won’t we?? We got only some ‘cool and clamsy’ speach from our PM. :( This is more degracefull that he is not mentioned anything taking a postive step to end up all these for future.

Today lets us all take a small step in re-writing history. Today let’s take a small pause and really re-examine our lives, to know who we are, and where we have headed - as individuals, as countries, as people living and sharing the same planet, and as humanity as a whole…

While we may claim that one person cannot change the world and place responsibility on others or blame the institutions in power, at the end of the day it’s our world. No amount of rationalizing or blaming can preempt the moment of choice each of us brings to our situation here in Mumbai and on our Planet.

We have fought enough wars in the past for freedom, for power, for religion, for many worthy causes and many innocent have been slain. In a war there are no winners, everyone loses, we know that now, and yet we continue on a path that can only lead to the destruction of a Planet we have come to call Home. It’s not just the terror we are facing on the outside, it’s the war waging within each and every one of us. We are living in the most difficult times.
In the end, there is a new beginning, and each new day offers us a new chance; a new seed can be planted, a seed of life and opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.

To the beloved Mumbai…may she find Peace…..



October 23rd, 2008


I am wishing a nice and warm happy diwali wish to all of you :) Also, subho bijoya too… Since I did not update my blog after puja. Reason… too many.. during puja I was in tour to Shillong…. it was nice family tour and enjoyed a lot… :) The deatils, I will post within 2-3 days. And secondly, I am promoted to TL[Team Leader] in my project and lots of new work pressure comes up on my shoulder… :( but what to do.. Anyway, for all these I was so busy that could get the time to write… Anyway, finally thursday morning find the time :) to write… Well, in the meantime, I have updated my gallery too in new face… take a look the gallery once…. you will enjoy it.. and day by day more new pics will be added… :) What else… life is as usual… busy with job and job… and… keep it private… ;)

One more thing, can’t finish without mentioning it… Finally Sachin Tendulkar supressed Lara’s record and had been the one and only member of 12 thousand run club.. we are all proud of him… :)


Sumeet :)

My New Interest…

September 21st, 2008

Well, now I am showing interest into some investment…. :) Well, has opened a Demat account in ABN Amro Bank and will play with share-trading. Though I do not have much experience but let c… :) But surely want to know all about it, have heard a lot… Some of my friends are already into this and they are a indeed bit experienced, so I guess I won’t face any problem. Who else does not want to make money.. of course I mean fare way… ;) And may be share-trading is nice opportunity for all these.. Well, I am sure I will be expert is some days… ;) though I am not investing much initially, it will be, but let me get into this whole process… I am going to buy first share in this week.. and may be I will invest for TISCO.. :) So, guys wish me best of luck for my new venture… :) Lets taking a risk…. and see who wins… ;)

Sumeet! :)

Fast Dial!!

September 6th, 2008

The addon ‘Fast Dial’ is awesome addon feature has been introduced for Mozilla Firefox now. Please check the link and install it for your Mozilla, if you are using.. You will get to now the beauty.. I am using and awesome… :) Not only this addons, you will get some more too, like ColorFul Tabs, FlagFox etc… I am sure, IE and windows people are surely keep watching on this…;) isn’t it??

Sumeet! :)

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